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What must a notice of termination contain?

If a notice of termination does not contain the information required by law, the employee is entitled to general damages for the employer's formal error. A job of indefinite duration that is terminated by a notice of termination requires a notice of termination. However, there are certain requirements for the content of such a notice.

  • First of all, the message must be in writing.
  • The employee's name, preferably including address and social security number, and the employer's name, preferably including address and organization number, must be included in the message.
  • In the event of dismissal, it must be stated whether the employee has företrädesrätt till återanställning eller inte. Nio månader från dagen då anställningen upphör har nämligen arbetstagaren företrädesrätt till återanställning hos arbetsgivaren. På beskedet ska det framgå tydligt om arbetstagaren behöver anmäla sitt anspråk på företrädesrätten till arbetsgivaren för att kunna använda sig av företrädesrätten. 
  • In addition, the notice must contain information on how the employee should act if he or she believes that the dismissal is wrong, a so-called follow-up notice. A follow-up notice sets out what the employee should do if he or she wishes to bring an action for annulment and for damages. If the employee wants to bring a claim in the general courts that the dismissal is unfair, he or she must notify the employer within 2 weeks of the dismissal. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  • the date on which the employee was notified of the dismissal.
  • Date when employment ends.
  • Termination period.
  • The basis for the dismissal.
  • If the dismissal is for personal reasons, the employer must first give the employee written notice that he or she is to be dismissed. Such notice of intended dismissal must be given at least two weeks before the actual notice.
  • The local workers' organization to which the employee belongs is also informed.
  • The employees' organization and the employee have the right to request consultation on the planned dismissal up to one week after the warning and notification.

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