Private law

In all situations of life

Agreements and advice for individuals

Some of life’s challenges require legal help. We offer counseling at all stages of life.

Labor law

Disputing or demanding damages in the event of dismissal

Have you been laid off or fired? What reasons can an employer give for dismissing you and can the decision be appealed?

Advice and negotiation in labor law matters

We offer advice in the entire labor law area. Among other things, we assist in matters relating to wrongful dismissal, dismissal, reorganization and labor law negotiations.

Interpret and re-regulate employment contracts

We assist with, among other things, legal interpretation of employment contracts, for example so that you understand the meaning of your job description or if you need help understanding the terms of employment.

Family law


In order to enable an inheritance, an inheritance agreement must be drawn up. That agreement must state which assets are in the estate and how these assets are to be distributed between the estate co-owners.

Property division

Idébanken's Legal Firm will help you with drawing up property division and property division agreements as well as with other issues that arise in the event of a divorce.

Deed of gift

If you intend to give away valuable property, such as money, real estate, cars, shares or other movable property, it is desirable that you draw up a gift deed. For certain types of property, there is even a statutory requirement that a written deed of gift be drawn up in order for the gift to be legally valid and to be able to be fulfilled in practice.

Cohabitation agreement

When a cohabitation relationship ends, only the residence and household goods that have been acquired for joint use shall be subject to property division. In light of this, it is advisable that a cohabitation agreement be drawn up between the parties and in this way the risk of possible future disputes between cohabitants is minimized if the relationship breaks down.

Co-ownership agreement

Co-ownership arises when two or more people acquire something together. As long as the parties can agree on the management of the property, such co-ownership relationships usually do not cause particular problems. But it is not uncommon for situations to arise when the parties disagree about how the jointly owned property should be managed and how the joint ownership rights are distributed between the parties.


Idébanken's Law Firm will help you draw up a will that clearly expresses your wishes regarding the division of the property.

Dispute about alimony

After a free assessment of the actual circumstances of the individual case, Idébanken's Legal Office will help you to resolve disputes related to ambiguities regarding the size of the maintenance allowance.

Custody dispute

In a divorce, a dispute about custody, accommodation and contact with the child/children often arises as the parents are unable to reach an agreement on the above-mentioned issues. IDÉ banken's Law Firm helps you to resolve the custody dispute based on the requirement of the child's best interest and in accordance with the provisions of the law in a way that benefits both the child and both parents.

Right of claim

Submit a claim

A claim dispute can arise when someone makes a payment claim which the other party does not find correct.

Establish promissory notes

A promissory note is a written document that settles a debt and constitutes a promise to pay.

If you received an incorrect claim

It is not entirely unusual for you to receive an incorrect claim against you, for example an incorrect invoice. If you believe that the claim against you is incorrect, you must dispute it.

Claims process before the court

If someone owes you money, or if you owe money to another person, there is a claim on the debt relationship. If a dispute arises as to whether there is a claim or not, or about the amount of the claim, you can go to court to have the matter heard.

Administrative right

Contacts with government authorities Do you need help contacting a certain authority in, for example, questions about applying for work or livelihood support or maintenance support? We can help you in matters relating to various questions about contact with authorities.

Contact with municipalities

There are several different reasons why you may need to contact your municipality for legal matters. For example, you may need to apply for a building permit or beach protection dispensation, perhaps you have an opinion about disturbing noise in the vicinity of your home, or perhaps you need advice on some other matter.

LVM goal, care of addicts

The law on the care of drug addicts gives the social services the opportunity in certain cases to take care of individuals who suffer from serious and heavy addiction and who are at risk of being very badly harmed. When will LVM become relevant?

LVU goal, care of young people

What is the Act on the care of young people? When is a decision made on placement according to LVU?

Cases relating to the Social Services Act

At certain stages in life, you may need extra support and then there are support efforts that can make it easier for you in your everyday life.

Psychiatry targets

Do you need help with a matter related to psychiatry?

Foreigner target

If you want to immigrate to Sweden, or have already arrived in Sweden from abroad, legal questions often arise in the form of work permits, family ties and citizenship, among other things.