Corporate law

Agreements and advice for companies

Agreements and advice for companies

Regardless of whether you run a large or small company, you sometimes need legal help and advice. We at IDÉ banken have many years of experience in matters relating to corporate law. We draw up and review contracts, participate in contract negotiations, negotiate and carry out the purchase and sale of companies. We also assist in civil cases in court.

Labor law

Trade union issues and negotiations

When you, as an employer, wish to change something in the business, you may need to negotiate with trade unions.

Manage resignations and layoffs

What is the difference between termination and dismissal? If you, as an employer, wish to dismiss an employee, it is important that you are aware of the labor law regulations and understand your obligations as an employer.

Personnel and work environment matters

Not infrequently, issues relating to the working environment at the workplace are difficult, complex and complicated. It is an extensive set of regulations that can be perceived as difficult to overview.

Create an employment agreement or CEO agreement

It is always important to ensure that the legal provisions governing the relationship between employer and employee are upheld. We help you draw up a valid employment contract and make sure you don't miss anything.

Advice and negotiation

We help you in labor law matters.

Separation & Divorce

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Contract law

Terms and Conditions

Establishing general terms and conditions can facilitate and prevent you from having a variety of different agreements with different customers and make the business more efficient.

Privacy Policy

All companies should have a privacy policy. A privacy policy is a document with information about how a business collects and processes personal data for both customers and employees' personal data.

Consulting agreement

It is important to achieve good cooperation when entering into a consulting assignment. The agreement prevents unexpected conflicts from arising and it gives the parties a framework for what the assignment intends to cover. Should disputes arise between the parties, one can then fall back on the consultancy agreement drawn up between the parties.

Letter of intent

In contract negotiations regarding, among other things, business acquisitions, it is common for the parties to draw up a so-called "letter of intent" (LOI) - declaration of intent - between each other.

Personal data service agreement

The responsible person who handles personal data is either a personal data controller or a personal data assistant. In order to guarantee that full control takes place over the personal data, in some cases it is required that a personal data processing agreement be drawn up.

Cooperation agreement

Cooperation agreement is a collective term for agreements that regulate a relationship when two or more parties cooperate with each other and set up special guidelines that regulate the cooperation.

Confidentiality Agreement

The Trade Secret Protection Act provides companies with protection for confidential information. However, the protection that follows from that law is not sufficient in many respects, which is why it is important in most cases to draw up a confidentiality agreement, a so-called non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or confidential disclosure agreement (CDA).

Assignment agreement

An assignment agreement regulates the relationship between an independent contractor, for example a consultant, and a client. The agreement regulates what the assignment covers for the type of work, which conditions apply regarding the relationship between the parties, regulations on compensation to be paid.

Corporate law

Shareholder agreement

A shareholder agreement is an agreement between the shareholders of a limited company. In the agreement, the co-owners decide together on, for example, how the company's profit should be distributed, how a co-owner should go about selling his shares in the company and perhaps a ban on running competing activities in the meantime.

Share transfer agreement

What should you consider when transferring shares? It is important that both parties are aware of the conditions that govern the transfer and therefore it is important that you draw up a written document that regulates the transfer.

Articles of association

The shareholders decide what should be included in the articles of association, which the company's board of directors must comply with. It is a public document that is registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office in connection with the notification of the limited company for registration.

Debt assignment agreement

Transfer of receivables means that someone transfers or acquires the receivables in a company in order to transfer it to a new company or to another existing company. The claim includes i.a. machinery and equipment used in the business, various trademarks or patent rights may also be covered. Thus, in the case of a collection transfer, the entire company with its obligations and agreements is not taken over.

Policy document

A policy document can be drawn up to create a framework for the guidelines that will apply to the company regarding a certain specific area. It he has several different purposes. It can be about IT issues, personal data issues, work environment, rehabilitation, crisis management, drugs and alcohol, etc.

Board minutes

Companies are obliged to keep minutes of board meetings when the board meets. The purpose of drawing up minutes is to be able to return to the minutes and see what was arrived at during a previous board meeting.